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Week 34

Hey guys, today I think its my last post but,today my class and I are going to Tuckaleechee Caverens Gatlanburg ,TN.    We had a summer party in class yesterday  and had field day where all the 5th grade do events.


Keep you updated


Week 33

Hey guys this week was mobile.We went to KARM.KARM is a place that helps homeless people.My class is teaming up with KARM because we are selling Buddy Band to raise money.We are also making movies and novels. Are movies are made by a flip video camera, iPhoto,and iMovie.My novel is about a Missing (car) Mustang.


Keep you updated

week 32

Hey guys this week TCAPs were ok.The good news is my whole class played mostly outside and in side.In are garden blueberries and strawberries are growing.Today is hat/pajamas/electronics day. Keep you updated

Week 31

Hey guys so this week not big but the most part I want to tell you is are garden.Well my class is planting carrot,peppers ,and cucumbers madison,John Paul,and me water the every   morning.As alawlys keep you updated.

Week 30

Hey guys so this week was short. We have easter break  from Friday to Tuesday(YES!!!). In art I’m making a monster for fun (mine is going to wear a bow tie). My class and I do lots of studying for the TCAPS, but I’m not worried because the test will be easy.


So I will keep you updated.

Week 29

Hey guys this week I got a mustaches from music(I will get a photo of me with it) Track and Felid day it’s a comition with different schools.also did a science power point to see that go to research.

So I will keep you updated


Week 28

Hey guy’s this week I did a poetry cafe in library where
I wrote my own poem.Monday -Funday is when my class did fun stuff during reading till recess.We also are planting blueberry’s and found a snake the same day it looked cool.I’m going to put some pictures of the garden so check it out.so I will keep you update.


snake                        IMG_3309


Science Tools




Have you ever wondered how to see space,measure  gravity,and to measure speed lets find out?



What is a telescope?


A telescope is a long stick of metal with glass in the middle.The glass is to look at long distance like space. Scientist use them to look at plants.




What is a Spring Scale?



A spring scale looks like a fish hook but it measures gravity like if I put a purse on the spring scale it will measure the purses gravity.




What is a Stop Watch?


A tool used to measure elapsed time for runners and tests.

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